Photos & Testimonials

Charles & Katy’s Wedding

Jack & Toni’s Wedding

Brandon & Kati’s Wedding

Zach & Lizzie’s Wedding

“Thank you for everthing you did to help make our wedding run smoothly. The hall was gorgeous! Thanks for helping us fit all our guest int there. The reception ran so smoothly, we were able to enjoy every minute.”

Lizzie and Zach

The Bride and Groom

Kelly & Laura’s Wedding

Bradley & Savannah’s Wedding

Craig & Susan’s Wedding

Phillip & Elizabeth’s Wedding

Adam & Christine’s Wedding

Michael & Betsy’s Wedding

Steven & Kate’s Wedding


Chris & Ksenia’s Wedding


Nathan & Cara’s Wedding


Chase & Alyson’s Wedding


Donavan & Lisa’s Wedding


Roger & Mya’s Wedding


Jesse & Leah’s Wedding


Al & Anne’s Wedding


Allie & Bryan’s Wedding


Brian & Lauren’s Wedding


Brodie & Danielle’s Wedding


Carlo & Jennifer’s Wedding


Christian & Ashley’s Wedding


Dan & Karis’ Wedding


Dan & Katina Wedding


Greg & Jennifer’s Wedding


Hansi & Jasper’s Wedding


Ian & Selena’s Wedding


Kurtis & Cynthia’s Wedding


Lori & Erik’s Wedding


Ron & Ashley’s Wedding

Steven & Krystal’s Wedding

Tre & Latoya’s Wedding

“Thank you so much for all that you have done, and we will never forget you and your assistance to help make this a very joyous occasion.”

Cathy Lane

Mother of the Bride


Stephanie & Andrew’s Wedding



Dear Cori,

The wedding you put together for my friends was wonderful. The exchange of family rings to blend the 2 families made me cry, in a good way.

Best Regards,
N. O’Brian



Seeing the choreographed dance at the start of the reception dancing is a wedding memory I’ll always cherish, such a great touch. We appreciate all you did for our daughter’s wedding.




Thanks for spending time with us to go over the details of our wedding.

Ed and Ann






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